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These procedures are done to repair your bite from damage due to missing, cracked or decaying teeth. While having a crown or bridge does improve the appearance of your smile, they serve more serious functions such as warding off periodontal disease, TMJ and speech impedimentation. While two separate procedures, crowns and bridges often work together and are both provided within the Generations Dental office.

A dental bridge is a permanent device for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. It is custom fit to your mouth and therefore requires a two-part procedure involving a temporary bridge while your permanent one is being created. Depending on the location of your bridge, you have material options such as porcelain and metal or completely metal-free composites, providing a natural look.

A crown is a type of cap that fits over an existing tooth - encapsulating the tooth, protecting it, and restoring its functionality. Crowns are called for if the tooth is broken or severely decayed. They also act to align the bite if a bridge is required.